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Be Careful of Your Privacy in Phone and Wireless Security


Many people's privacy are now undermined, and hackers or spy organizations (such as the National Security Agency) can easily access our privacy information, and this happens more than one thing. That's why we decided to give you some advice on how to protect your privacy through a variety of jamming devices without hurting others. First of all, we want you to remember that the signal blocker is a weapon that may be bad in the wrong hands, so be careful.

There are many dangerous devices available for tracking, eavesdropping, and can collect many specific data such as login / password, email and people you know - your smartphone. Modern smartphones are dangerous regardless of the manufacturer and the mobile operating system. The main reason is that the device has all of your data. Your personal information, your current coordinates, your friends, private photos and so on.

Hackers are trying to find new ways to snoop on your smartphone. Because the quickest access to large amounts of data is the easiest and cheapest way. The most dangerous thing here is that you do not know what to do to be able to protect your privacy. Hackers are too hard to prevent, no such anti-virus, firewall or encryption method, will be able to protect your data without killing the gadget.

In addition, all of these encryption programs are quite complex, so most people will be confused at all. There are two decent choices that may hide your information. The first is GSM jammers, which will hide you in a very short time, but you will not be able to make or receive calls. The second is to avoid storing private and valuable data on portable gadgets, smartphones, or tablets. Both will cut the functionality of your device, but it will definitely prevent data leakage.

The second thing you should worry about is the wireless network. They are unreliable, hackers use this. Most smartphone users connect free Wi-Fi hot spots in public places, not only online, but also install updates and handle mobile banking information. This is very dangerous, your privacy information is likely to leak because of this.At this time,the WiFi jammer can help you.

Many people unknowingly place private information at risk. They are shared with their smartphones via social networks and transmitted over the Internet with unencrypted protocols. That's why we always tell the reader that the security of their private information is their concern if they do not at least do that nobody can protect it. Protect your information, it's easy, but very important!

How Can Hackers Track You by Your Phones


There are a couple of different ways how to tack a precise location of a mobile phone and his user. The most widely spread are using its built-in GPS module, or cell tower triangulation. It doesn’t even need to be sending out GPS coordinates — communicating at all with a cell tower could expose you. But how that technology works?

First of all,by comparing the signal strength of your cell phone on multiple cell towers, someone looking for you can approximate your location with triangulation. This requires access to data about the base stations of your carrier and their coordinates, which should keep it out of reach for criminalsthe . There are lots of such data bases on the Internet, or for example. And the point here in that, that the more bases that man has – the more accurate the results will be. By the way, the accuracy of such a tracking technique is not really high. It will be 150-300 meters in densely populated areas, where there are lots of cell towers and 2-5 kilometers in rural areas. Luckily, it is impossible to get more accurate location with only a cell tower triangulation, GPS will be required.

So, it will be far easier to locate your phone, if it is hacked, or compromised with a virus. We recommend to always check permission to Android users, because lots of apps require permissions for base stations tracking.

Finally, if the coordinates of the closest cell towers are known – it is not hard to calculate the location of the phone between three closest cell towers, using the signal power of each of them. Also, you should know that data transmission speeds of an ordinary GSM, or CDMA network lets evildoers to refresh the data every 10-15 seconds, so it is almost a live tracking.

Despite such an apparent complexity, that base stations tracking technique is rather widely spread and popular, because it lets to track all the phones, it doesn't matter of they have a GPS or GLONASS module. Unfortunately, there is no way to make sure that no one will try to use such a tracking against you and the only way to protect yourself from that is using a decent jammer, which won't let your mobile device to connect the base stations. Unfortunately even if you will turn your smartphone off, it still may be tracked, or turned on remotely.

A man use a jammer to steal the money in the car


Recently, the Haidian police arrested a suspect in the campus door using jammers to steal the property of the parents car.

In China Haidian police station received a warning from Mr. Dong said that he drove the child after school to school, found out that the value of 36,000 yuan of items all gone in the car, including luxury handbags and wallet each one and two mobile phones and other property , considering from the school to the company he didn't stay long on the way, he suspected that things are stolen in front of the school, "I parked the car on the roadside, remember to lock the car, then send the child to the school gate.Just a few minutes, Something is lost."

 car remote control Blocker

The police immediately called the school peripheral monitoring, and soon found a trace of suspicious middle-aged man. The man has been standing near, when Mr. Dong left the car to send their children to school, the man quickly went to the car, open the car and took the property and quickly leave. Because there is no prying action, the police judge the man is likely to use a car remote control jammer , so that Mr. Dong's car is not locked in order to steal.

Soon, the police to identify the suspects surnamed Wang, after committing the crime has returned home in Zhengzhou, Haidian police immediately went to the local, in the home of Wang, won the value of tens of thousands of luxury brand satchel, wallet and the value of thousands of mobile phones.

After review, Wang had been arrested for the theft of Henan court sentenced to imprisonment for one year, after the release of "re-operating the old industry." Wang account, between 2015 and 2017, he was in the Haidian District, near the famous primary school, aimed at sending children to school luxury car, with a jammer to interfere with the owner of the normal lock car theft, has been verified five cases, the amount involved More than ten million yuan. At present, Wang was suspected of theft by Haidian police criminal detention, the case is still in the trial.


Cell Phone Jammer Can be Used in Prison


Mobile phones are generally not allowed in prison because this can lead to some dangerous plans that can be made after using this communication device. But some prisoners managed to smuggle the phone in a prison by ingenious means, but smarter people now can help check out these unwanted communications.
When a prisoner gets a cell phone, they can send and receive information through a series of devices on the phone; these are phone, text, social media, email and the Internet.

Now that we have a variety of facilities to check the use of mobile phones in prison cells, one of the best ways to control the illegal communication between prisoners and the outside world is to use cell phone jammers. These Jammers are effective in helping to control any unnecessary data transmission across the prison boundaries. The special ability of prison mobile jammers is that they only allow specific mobile phones to work in prisons, which are pre-determined by the prison authorities.

Prisoners can not use mobile phones that are smuggled in their cells by illegal means because the prison phone jammers prohibit the mode of operation of all unauthorized mobile phones in a particular area of the prison.

Many prisons are now adapting to this new technology. This will benefit the prison authorities and better keep the prisoners.

High Power Mobile Phone Jammer

When the thorough inspection, the mechanism used by mobile phone jitter is not very complicated. The main part of this device is called part of the communication control hardware. Upon activation, the hardware immediately restricts or prohibits communication through the cellular telephone within a certain range of the prison. The prison authorities can then determine which numbers or numbers are allowed to access and separate legal phones with smuggling.

These cell phone jammers are being monitored by authorities. The mobile phone Jammers are placed in different buildings, and they communicate with each other through the controller local area network (CAN). CAN is very effective in maintaining communication protocols. The entire system manager controls it from the central base station. These controllers perform many different functions simultaneously, including detecting, scanning the network, warning the authorities and interfering with the phone.

Mobile jammers are used in a variety of locations, including prisons, detention centers and military bases, where communications with the outside world are illegal and may cause serious damage to their security systems.

Equipment with 2G, 3G and CDMA contraband devices can use high power jammers and are located in very short periods of time. This provides a simple solution for some related issues. It has recently been suggested that these facilities find a place in various other areas to improve the defense mechanism.

The consideration about cell phone jammers in theaters


As Denis Leary once said, “Happiness comes in small doses folks.”

He was referring to a cookie or something else incredibly insignificant in your life that brings great pleasure. Next to basketball, the one thing that makes me happier than a pig in mud is being able to see a movie in a theater.It’s the rare hour and a half I get to escape from the real world, and immerse myself in someone else’s fantasy. It keeps me focused in the director’s world that they’ve created, and forces me to shut down technology without having any urges to hit the pause button to check an e-mail. I AM FOCUSED; that is until someone else gives into their urges and pops on their cell phone…

I constantly hear and read about new “ideas” to solve the problem.

what would happen if theaters picked up a handy little cell phone jammer? Would you support that decision?

Cell phone jammers are down to around $200, but it’s the morality and legality of the situation, more than the cost. So, first off, would you support a jammer morally? Would you mind the idea of having no touch to the outside world while you are watching a movie? Some would say they wouldn’t mind not having the annoying talking person that is always behind them, but they would think twice about not getting email, texts or phone calls.

Jammers themselves aren’t illegal, but the idea of blocking an emergency phone call is a legal problem the theaters probably don’t want to get themselves mixed up with, and is probably the reason we still get texts during movies.

The only other idea is a theater bouncer. Take one of the big, gy- loving bouncers from Ybor and offer them free popcorn (they love that stuff) and ask them to simply walk up and down the isle looking menacing. If he sees a cell phone out, he is allowed to tackle that person, dragging them out by their hair. After a few beaten theatergoers are dragged out in front of your eyes, you will be much less likely to forget to turn off your cell phone.

So, what do you think? Should gsm jammers become common place? How about my theater bouncer idea? What is your idea for a more pleasant theater experience

The Security and the WiFi Blocker


A recent case in Manchester shows how fragile we rely on RF. In this example, the use of simple auto-jammers that attempted to enter the car lids in the parking lot caused confusion where no one could unlock / lock the remote locks and eventually trigger multiple alarms.

North American car locks are running in the 315MHz range, which operates in Europe and Asia in the 433MHz range. While signal jammers are illegal in most countries, in many places, the sale of these devices will usually block the frequency from about $ 50 to $ 200 depending on equipment and quality.

In order to reduce the risk to the vehicle locking devices, it is important that they observe and / or listen to the notes that occur during the reception of the 4G LTE jammer. Manual locking is certainly not affected, so if you are too worried, you can cover the remote control and the manual, but some newer vehicles do not offer this option.

Handheld Cell Phone Jammer

In addition to vehicle home automation and locks in the 868MHz range, Zigbee and other proprietary protocols operate. Even if the data in these systems is encrypted, a large amount of damage can be caused by simply blocking and disabling these devices. With the ease of these devices and the fact that they are very effective, we will continue to see more thieves and traditional criminals turning to "high-tech" to use these tools.

Equipment sandwich and home intrusion
I heard a lot about people cutting the wires, which suggests that they're free of their cable traces, and even more worrying is that they're boasting this online through social media for the public. It makes people at great risk that many people do not know the risk. Potential thieves or family intruders now know a key weakness when they are even smart enough to have an advantage when they enter your home. Like a car lock jammer, mobile phone stutterers are illegal when they are still easy to come by.

Mobile jammers can be purchased online, and sales outlets can send them to US residents and other countries, even if they are illegal. Use a car gps jammer to give you $ 20K fine or worse. However, if the criminals can buy an unlicensed gun, their hands in the mobile phone interference are not difficult.

If thieves or home-disabled people are activated outside your home, one of your devices will not be able to receive more calls and you can not call emergency numbers for help. Many of these wifi blockers also interrupt Wi-Fi so that the entire communication can be easily turned off at home when the switches on these devices are turned over.

Although more and more people "cut off the rope", but also to the fixed network of the traditional alarm system also sets challenges. If the fixed network is interrupted, this is usually triggered and alerted at the alarm monitoring station. Now alarms can be connected over the Internet or via a mobile phone connection. However, these two newer methods have problems when the Internet or the cellular connection normally disconnects the alert provider without warning. Thieves can easily cut the Internet from outside the house, and we've seen what could make the mobile phone more annoying.

Many operators sell additional home automation and security equipment and services of alarm systems, cameras and locks. However, people need to ask how these devices and safety measures are effective when the jammers are introduced into the mix, especially when the criminals are more skilled in the technology. These disturbances can also destroy the industrial system and give enough energy to kill the battery to block several blocks so that it is conceivable that these types of strategies are attacked not only by criminals, but also as an arsenal of extremist groups Can be used.

Some Ways to Protect your Privacy Online


Now most people do not need to be told why online privacy protection is so important, but maybe you just do not know how to get started. This is a good first step in installing several key applications and switching to privacy-focused companies. This is not what you think so much work.

Let's take a look at some of the changes you can make.

Get the correct browser add-in

It is likely to improve your privacy without changing the browser, however. Plugins such as disconnected, Ghostery and eWN Foundation HTTPS are everywhere to help. The first two prevent multiple forms of invasive tracking. HTTPS Everywhere automatically redirects you to an SSL-encrypted version of the site (if you did not) (for example, https: // instead of This can help you avoid eavesdropping and some Web-based attacks.

Switch the search engine

You can not miss DuckDuckGo when you perform a search while respecting your privacy. They will not track any user data that is different from Google, Bing, and most other search engines you use. StartPage is another good choice. In the past three years, the search volume of the site has almost tripled.

Encrypt your message

There are many applications that promise to encrypt the communication, but the signal is actually provided. Some tools like wireless blocker jammer are also used to protect privacy.The signal was recently reviewed by security experts and found to be "encrypted voice". This means that it is likely that anyone can not decrypt the message you send. Another good choice is WhatsApp, which implements support for the signal protocol this year.

Make sure your contacts are on board. Encrypted messages work only when all parties in the session are encrypted.

Any changes mentioned so far will not cost you a penny (although welcome to donate to the developer). But some things worth paying when it comes to protecting your privacy.

Change your browser

You are not using Chrome, Edge, Internet Explorer, or Safari. There are many other options that emphasize user privacy. In the mainstream browser, Firefox may be your best choice. And SRWare Iron, which is based on the same code as Chrome, but its developer has removed all Google tracking code. Starting Brave's new browser is also worth a look, like the open source Midori.

If you want to go all the way, download the Tor browser package. According to Edward Snowden, "If you do not use Tor, you are wrong, Tor does not provide bulletproof privacy protection, but it is a huge improvement in the open browsing.

Use a VPN

Your ISP knows what you are doing on the web is horrible, but not necessarily that You can start using VPN to prevent your activity from being spy on.Like using a gps tracking device jammer so that people cannot track your car.Contact your trusted provider of privacy: private internet (PIA), NordVPN and IPVanish are worth a try TorrentFreak has a nice article that lists some of the other. Do not be cheap here. A good VPN connection is a good investment and can provide a lot of extra privacy protection.

It's up to you

The apps and services listed here do not guarantee your privacy and security, but they will keep you in the right direction. You need to be vigilant. Carefully consider your trusted website with your personal data and consider before you post - what you post, who will see it. Remember: a little bit of discretion will take a long time.