The GPS Jammer Use of Drivers

Truck drivers around the country have been educated about the potential penalties for using a GPS jammer as a result of Operation AUStrans. The ACMA took part in this annual operation, run by the NSW Road and Maritime Service (RMS), after GPS jammer use was reported as an issue in the transport industry.

The ACMA was involved in the operation from 12–13 May. It was conducted at the Marulan Heavy Vehicle Safety Station, Hume Highway (NSW). The Hume Highway is a major transportation route used by truck drivers who travel the length and breadth of Australia.

Since 2004, it has been illegal to supply, possess (for the purpose of operation or supply) and operate an RNSS jamming device, commonly known as a GPS jammer. Under the Radiocommunications Act 1992, a person found guilty of this offence may receive a court-imposed penalty of up to two years imprisonment or a fine of up to $255,000.

The ACMA spoke with approximately 100 truck drivers over the two-day period about GPS jammers and monitored the spectrum for potential jammer use. Truck drivers were given fact sheets about GPS jammers and were soon spreading the word on the radio about these devices. The monitoring conducted supported previous reports that GPS jammers were being used by some truck drivers.

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We also inspected radios used by the truck drivers and found that all devices complied with Australian requirements.

Truck drivers sometimes use GPS jammers for a number of reasons, including:

disguising how long a driver has been working
disguising when a shift was worked (which could attract fraudulent penalty rates)
allowing trucks to drive down streets that cannot be legally accessed by a large vehicle.
RMS sought the ACMA’s participation in this operation because all of these users have the potential to severely undermine road safety.

As a result of Operation AUStrans, RMS will use the ACMA’s GPS jammer fact sheet as part of its education and awareness activities for large transport companies. RMS and the NSW Road Transport Authority also know how to identify a GPS jammer and can refer this matter to police or the ACMA for further action.

Some Ways to Track You


Nowadays, modern wireless technology has become a very important part of our life. Can you imagine the world without all the smartphones, tablets, mobile Internet and other portable gadgets? We often use them, and these portable devices are often used for a variety of business matters, and even important social services. A prominent example of this widely used wireless technology is GPS.

GPS is used not only for city voyages but also for rescue teams and aerospace and naval purposes. Because you know that the system itself is essential for many social services, and if one day there is no GPS, it may even lead to panic. This may be the main reason why those GPS signal blockers are considered illegal. They are dangerous, because they may interfere with important communications.

 GPS tracking

So there is a question why these dangerous devices are popular? This is because GPS can be easily misused. The global navigation system can be used for tracking purposes, and is actually illegal to track. If you have any type of GPS-based gadget - someone may use it for you.

As we all know, putting all your eggs in one basket is dangerous, so there are some alternatives to GPS navigation systems. They are GLONASS, cellular tower triangulation and Wi-Fi navigation. If GLONASS is clear to the public that it is a GPS-like Russian GNSS, then cellular tower triangulation and Wi-Fi navigation may need to be clarified.

We will start with Wi-Fi navigation, the system is being developed, but the first step is by Google. Google has collected information about thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots in its Street View projects for navigation purposes.As long as the physical location of these wireless hot spots is fixed, you can calculate the location of at least three between. Use the signal strength to calculate the distance to each hotspot, the closer the hotspot, the stronger the signal. We believe the future is behind this navigation. But it also has several drawbacks: it gives less accurate results than GPS, and it only works in densely populated areas, where a large number of Wi-Fi hotspots are available. Hopefully, the accuracy of the technology will grow as the number of Wi-Fi networks grows.And of course,a WiFi jammer can interfere with it.

phone tracking

The second technique is Cell Tower Triangulation, which is more convenient because it uses your own cell phone to track your location. Now how the word works. Because you may know that your phone remains connected to at least 2-3 base stations. Their coordinates are known and fixed. While your position is calculated among the three unit towers. The benefits of the technology: it is quite common because everyone now uses mobile communications and has a cell phone that tracks work everywhere, even in indoor cell coverage.In this time,you can be tracked by your cell phone easily like what you have seen in the movie.So a cell phone signal jammer can help you deal with such tracking.

Do You Know What You Can Use the UHF VHF Jammer for?


UHF and VHF low frequency bands (140-180 MHz, 450-480 MHz), which are used by many of the electronic devices we use every day, even without thinking about it, for example, safety intercoms. Two-way radios talk to each other through your neighbors' zealous kids while hiding in their basement, also using UHF and VHF frequencies. However, not only low-frequency radio communication and signal work has helped. If you want to block these frequencies you need a strong desktop UHF VHF jammer.

If you live in a city, especially if it is a huge metropolis like New York, London, you may have noticed that surveillance cameras are everywhere: In traffic lights, lamp posts, mounted on walls, and circuit breakers in the sun, etc., these are CCTV cameras that use UHF / VHF frequencies for their work. Many governments have started installing CCTV cameras in many cities in the last few days. If you think CCTV cameras violate your privacy, you can use this signal jammer (CCTV interference) to avoid any The streets of the city were found by CCTV cameras.

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Another implementation of low frequency bands is the use of their RFID microchips. These microelectronic things are used in a variety of ways. For example, when you buy food at a mall or grocery store, all foods that are labeled with RFID chips inside each support different frequencies of NFC technology. When you visit any government agency that you use with RFID chip visitor badges, use NFC technology to secure facility services that can track building movement within the building. By the way, if your smartphone, they may not even need an audience badge on you because your smartphone will be the object they can track. Smart home systems also use RFID microchips and NFC technology as part of their technology, so you are at risk of being tracked in your own house. But the RFID jammers can easily protect you from all those threats.

In addition,another low frequency bands to find your location is LoJack tracking, you can find special equipment for making. They are called LoJack / 4G jammers, and they have many other appliances besides LoJack's tracking prevention.

The Possible Ability of Jammer


A single well-placed GPS jammer or spoofer could disrupt signals in an entire region of the United States, an official from the Homeland Security Department told a GPS conference in Nashville, Tenn.

At the same time, the U.S. still “lacks the capability to rapidly detect and geo-locate jamming or spoofing of GPS services,” DHS program manager John Merrill told the annual meeting of the Civil Global Positioning System Service Interface Committee, a global forum that fosters interaction between the U.S. and worldwide GPS users. The U.S. developed and operates GPS.

Merrill did not define the size of a region a GPS blocker could knock out, but Jules McNeff, who spent 20 years in the Air Force working on GPS and is now vice president for strategies and programs at Overlook Systems Technologies Inc., a GPS engineering firm in Vienna, Va.,estimated a one watt GPS jammer could blanket a medium sized city.

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Logan Scott, president of a company with GPS expertise called LS Consulting, said in a May webinar run by Inside GNSS that a GPS jammer with one-tenth of a watt of transmit power has a range of 9.4 miles, a one watt jammer, 29.8 miles, and a fen watt jammer, 94.2 miles. Inside GNSS is a magazine on GPS and other satellite navigation systems operated by China, the European Union and Russia, collectively called Global Navigation Satellite Systems.

Consumer jammers at these power levels can be purchased on the Internet primarily from Chinese manufacturers at prices as low as $40.

DHS and the Defense Department have worked to develop a signal jammer location system that picks up and feeds jammer signals to a master station run by the National Geo-Spatial Intelligence Agency since 2010, but to date the only feeds it receives are from sensors located at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey, Merrill told the conference.




ピンホールカメラの覗き見を避けるためには、ピンホールカメラの仕組みを知っておく必要があります。簡単に2つのステップに分けることができます。最初に、カメラはあなたが撮影原理で何をしているかを見ることができます。 無線信号の形式で受信側に配信される。

今では、wireless jammer がそれに反対することができます。妨害器は、ピンホールカメラが受信装置に信号を送信できなくなるように、無線信号を妨げる可能性があります。覚えておくべきことは、カメラが半径範囲 ジャマー。

Different Cellular Frequencies in the World

Different countries use different cellular frequencies in the world.
In US,the main frequency bands in communications are GSM850, GSM1900, 3G (850/1900 and 1700/2100) and 4G (Verizon USA 4G, Sprint Clearwire WiMAX and T-Mobile 4G). 
You can see the details from the sheet which lists different bands and technologies that the main carriers in the US used as follow(from wikipedia):


In the table the cdmaone and UMTS mean the different generations of the mobile phone and the different technologies.You can see the different generations in the table(from wikipedia):


What about the other countries? You may be confused about their differences.You can see the exact informations from the map(from

2016 GSM World Map - GSM Country List gsm world coverage map

In conclusion,GSM 900 / GSM 1800 MHz are used in most parts of the world: Europe, Asia, Australia, Middle East, Africa in the blue area of the map.GSM 850 / GSM 1900 MHz are used in the United States, Canada, Mexico and most countries of S. America in the yellow area of the map.

Adjustable Cell Phone Jammer for GSM/3G/4G Signals Portable WIFI/GPS Blocker

So if I wanna go to China or Europe,is it that my cell phone cannot work according to the situation? Don’t worry.Many GSM phones support three bands (900/1,800/1,900 MHz or 850/1800/1900 MHz) or four bands (850/900/1800/1900 MHz), and are usually referred to as tri-band and quad-band phones, or world phones; with such a phone one can travel internationally and use the same handset.

So if you want to buy gsm jammer,you should know that where do you want to use and what frequencies can the jammer support.Only then can you achieve your purpose.