Do You Know What You Can Use the UHF VHF Jammer for?


UHF and VHF low frequency bands (140-180 MHz, 450-480 MHz), which are used by many of the electronic devices we use every day, even without thinking about it, for example, safety intercoms. Two-way radios talk to each other through your neighbors' zealous kids while hiding in their basement, also using UHF and VHF frequencies. However, not only low-frequency radio communication and signal work has helped. If you want to block these frequencies you need a strong desktop UHF VHF jammer.

If you live in a city, especially if it is a huge metropolis like New York, London, you may have noticed that surveillance cameras are everywhere: In traffic lights, lamp posts, mounted on walls, and circuit breakers in the sun, etc., these are CCTV cameras that use UHF / VHF frequencies for their work. Many governments have started installing CCTV cameras in many cities in the last few days. If you think CCTV cameras violate your privacy, you can use this signal jammer (CCTV interference) to avoid any The streets of the city were found by CCTV cameras.

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Another implementation of low frequency bands is the use of their RFID microchips. These microelectronic things are used in a variety of ways. For example, when you buy food at a mall or grocery store, all foods that are labeled with RFID chips inside each support different frequencies of NFC technology. When you visit any government agency that you use with RFID chip visitor badges, use NFC technology to secure facility services that can track building movement within the building. By the way, if your smartphone, they may not even need an audience badge on you because your smartphone will be the object they can track. Smart home systems also use RFID microchips and NFC technology as part of their technology, so you are at risk of being tracked in your own house. But the RFID jammers can easily protect you from all those threats.

In addition,another low frequency bands to find your location is LoJack tracking, you can find special equipment for making. They are called LoJack / 4G jammers, and they have many other appliances besides LoJack's tracking prevention.