Some Ways to Track You


Nowadays, modern wireless technology has become a very important part of our life. Can you imagine the world without all the smartphones, tablets, mobile Internet and other portable gadgets? We often use them, and these portable devices are often used for a variety of business matters, and even important social services. A prominent example of this widely used wireless technology is GPS.

GPS is used not only for city voyages but also for rescue teams and aerospace and naval purposes. Because you know that the system itself is essential for many social services, and if one day there is no GPS, it may even lead to panic. This may be the main reason why those GPS signal blockers are considered illegal. They are dangerous, because they may interfere with important communications.

 GPS tracking

So there is a question why these dangerous devices are popular? This is because GPS can be easily misused. The global navigation system can be used for tracking purposes, and is actually illegal to track. If you have any type of GPS-based gadget - someone may use it for you.

As we all know, putting all your eggs in one basket is dangerous, so there are some alternatives to GPS navigation systems. They are GLONASS, cellular tower triangulation and Wi-Fi navigation. If GLONASS is clear to the public that it is a GPS-like Russian GNSS, then cellular tower triangulation and Wi-Fi navigation may need to be clarified.

We will start with Wi-Fi navigation, the system is being developed, but the first step is by Google. Google has collected information about thousands of Wi-Fi hotspots in its Street View projects for navigation purposes.As long as the physical location of these wireless hot spots is fixed, you can calculate the location of at least three between. Use the signal strength to calculate the distance to each hotspot, the closer the hotspot, the stronger the signal. We believe the future is behind this navigation. But it also has several drawbacks: it gives less accurate results than GPS, and it only works in densely populated areas, where a large number of Wi-Fi hotspots are available. Hopefully, the accuracy of the technology will grow as the number of Wi-Fi networks grows.And of course,a WiFi jammer can interfere with it.

phone tracking

The second technique is Cell Tower Triangulation, which is more convenient because it uses your own cell phone to track your location. Now how the word works. Because you may know that your phone remains connected to at least 2-3 base stations. Their coordinates are known and fixed. While your position is calculated among the three unit towers. The benefits of the technology: it is quite common because everyone now uses mobile communications and has a cell phone that tracks work everywhere, even in indoor cell coverage.In this time,you can be tracked by your cell phone easily like what you have seen in the movie.So a cell phone signal jammer can help you deal with such tracking.