The Security and the WiFi Blocker


A recent case in Manchester shows how fragile we rely on RF. In this example, the use of simple auto-jammers that attempted to enter the car lids in the parking lot caused confusion where no one could unlock / lock the remote locks and eventually trigger multiple alarms.

North American car locks are running in the 315MHz range, which operates in Europe and Asia in the 433MHz range. While signal jammers are illegal in most countries, in many places, the sale of these devices will usually block the frequency from about $ 50 to $ 200 depending on equipment and quality.

In order to reduce the risk to the vehicle locking devices, it is important that they observe and / or listen to the notes that occur during the reception of the 4G LTE jammer. Manual locking is certainly not affected, so if you are too worried, you can cover the remote control and the manual, but some newer vehicles do not offer this option.

Handheld Cell Phone Jammer

In addition to vehicle home automation and locks in the 868MHz range, Zigbee and other proprietary protocols operate. Even if the data in these systems is encrypted, a large amount of damage can be caused by simply blocking and disabling these devices. With the ease of these devices and the fact that they are very effective, we will continue to see more thieves and traditional criminals turning to "high-tech" to use these tools.

Equipment sandwich and home intrusion
I heard a lot about people cutting the wires, which suggests that they're free of their cable traces, and even more worrying is that they're boasting this online through social media for the public. It makes people at great risk that many people do not know the risk. Potential thieves or family intruders now know a key weakness when they are even smart enough to have an advantage when they enter your home. Like a car lock jammer, mobile phone stutterers are illegal when they are still easy to come by.

Mobile jammers can be purchased online, and sales outlets can send them to US residents and other countries, even if they are illegal. Use a car gps jammer to give you $ 20K fine or worse. However, if the criminals can buy an unlicensed gun, their hands in the mobile phone interference are not difficult.

If thieves or home-disabled people are activated outside your home, one of your devices will not be able to receive more calls and you can not call emergency numbers for help. Many of these wifi blockers also interrupt Wi-Fi so that the entire communication can be easily turned off at home when the switches on these devices are turned over.

Although more and more people "cut off the rope", but also to the fixed network of the traditional alarm system also sets challenges. If the fixed network is interrupted, this is usually triggered and alerted at the alarm monitoring station. Now alarms can be connected over the Internet or via a mobile phone connection. However, these two newer methods have problems when the Internet or the cellular connection normally disconnects the alert provider without warning. Thieves can easily cut the Internet from outside the house, and we've seen what could make the mobile phone more annoying.

Many operators sell additional home automation and security equipment and services of alarm systems, cameras and locks. However, people need to ask how these devices and safety measures are effective when the jammers are introduced into the mix, especially when the criminals are more skilled in the technology. These disturbances can also destroy the industrial system and give enough energy to kill the battery to block several blocks so that it is conceivable that these types of strategies are attacked not only by criminals, but also as an arsenal of extremist groups Can be used.