The consideration about cell phone jammers in theaters


As Denis Leary once said, “Happiness comes in small doses folks.”

He was referring to a cookie or something else incredibly insignificant in your life that brings great pleasure. Next to basketball, the one thing that makes me happier than a pig in mud is being able to see a movie in a theater.It’s the rare hour and a half I get to escape from the real world, and immerse myself in someone else’s fantasy. It keeps me focused in the director’s world that they’ve created, and forces me to shut down technology without having any urges to hit the pause button to check an e-mail. I AM FOCUSED; that is until someone else gives into their urges and pops on their cell phone…

I constantly hear and read about new “ideas” to solve the problem.

what would happen if theaters picked up a handy little cell phone jammer? Would you support that decision?

Cell phone jammers are down to around $200, but it’s the morality and legality of the situation, more than the cost. So, first off, would you support a jammer morally? Would you mind the idea of having no touch to the outside world while you are watching a movie? Some would say they wouldn’t mind not having the annoying talking person that is always behind them, but they would think twice about not getting email, texts or phone calls.

Jammers themselves aren’t illegal, but the idea of blocking an emergency phone call is a legal problem the theaters probably don’t want to get themselves mixed up with, and is probably the reason we still get texts during movies.

The only other idea is a theater bouncer. Take one of the big, gy- loving bouncers from Ybor and offer them free popcorn (they love that stuff) and ask them to simply walk up and down the isle looking menacing. If he sees a cell phone out, he is allowed to tackle that person, dragging them out by their hair. After a few beaten theatergoers are dragged out in front of your eyes, you will be much less likely to forget to turn off your cell phone.

So, what do you think? Should gsm jammers become common place? How about my theater bouncer idea? What is your idea for a more pleasant theater experience