A man use a jammer to steal the money in the car


Recently, the Haidian police arrested a suspect in the campus door using jammers to steal the property of the parents car.

In China Haidian police station received a warning from Mr. Dong said that he drove the child after school to school, found out that the value of 36,000 yuan of items all gone in the car, including luxury handbags and wallet each one and two mobile phones and other property , considering from the school to the company he didn't stay long on the way, he suspected that things are stolen in front of the school, "I parked the car on the roadside, remember to lock the car, then send the child to the school gate.Just a few minutes, Something is lost."

 car remote control Blocker

The police immediately called the school peripheral monitoring, and soon found a trace of suspicious middle-aged man. The man has been standing near, when Mr. Dong left the car to send their children to school, the man quickly went to the car, open the car and took the property and quickly leave. Because there is no prying action, the police judge the man is likely to use a car remote control jammer , so that Mr. Dong's car is not locked in order to steal.

Soon, the police to identify the suspects surnamed Wang, after committing the crime has returned home in Zhengzhou, Haidian police immediately went to the local, in the home of Wang, won the value of tens of thousands of luxury brand satchel, wallet and the value of thousands of mobile phones.

After review, Wang had been arrested for the theft of Henan court sentenced to imprisonment for one year, after the release of "re-operating the old industry." Wang account, between 2015 and 2017, he was in the Haidian District, near the famous primary school, aimed at sending children to school luxury car, with a jammer to interfere with the owner of the normal lock car theft, has been verified five cases, the amount involved More than ten million yuan. At present, Wang was suspected of theft by Haidian police criminal detention, the case is still in the trial.