Government used Jammers to avoid Cheating in Chongqing China


In Chongqing China 2017 college entrance examination, there are more than 20 million students going to the city's 39 test area, 117 test sites of more than 7,000 examination room for the knowledge of the contest.

In order to prevent candidates from using mobile phones and other wireless communication equipment for cheating, government use the cell phone jammers during the contest without interrupting the signals around the test.

It is reported that this year is the second year after "cheating should be put in prison", so the discipline of the examination has become the most important, the opening of the jammers to test the proportion is 100%.

As the main city of Chongqing college entrance examination centers are in the downtown area, a large number of wifi jammers will have a great impact on the normal communication of the surrounding users . How to protect the college entrance examination of the examination room, but also to protect the normal communication of the surrounding users, it has become a problem.

In response to this problem, Chongqing Mobile has taken three initiatives: First, increase the eliminate efforts to surrounding pseudo-base station and put an end to lawless elements of the candidates during the college entrance examination parents psychological cheating, training and other illegal false information.

Second,control the effective jamming radius of the jammers so that be sure that it would not effect the surroundings.

After two days Chongqing Mobile detected a total of 7 pseudo-base station to reduce the illegal SMS more than 50,000 articles, compared to last year's test period, this year's test site within the shielding ability, test network outside the download speed increased 5.2mbps, basically Keep the usual level.