How to Choose the Jammers,Desktop or Portable?


Many people want to know what type of device they should choose. This is completely normal, because taking into account the fact that jammers have many different models, it may be difficult for them to choose from their own. Here, we will again explain the choice of jammers to note the problem, especially between the desktop and the choice of portable.

There is no doubt that the first thing to do is understand your needs. We always suggest you to know exactly what type of equipment you want to buy. It is best to read some additional information and understand how these devices work. It is not difficult, you only need to know the frequency of these devices . And then select the corresponding interference frequency of the device.

When you know that gsm jammers, GPS occluders and any other interfering devices actually use a variety of frequencies, sometimes their prices are quite variable, and there are some difference between desktop and portable, how to choose it?

It depends one your needs, desktop jammers have good heat dissipation, can work for a long time, and jamming radius range is also farther. Of course, they are not easy to carry, and the price will be more expensive. If you want to interfere with the longer, far range, and is fixed to interfere with a region, there is no doubt that the desktop jammer will be your choice. If you need to carry, interference is not too long, then the portable will be more suitable for you. Corresponding to the specific distinction between them, you can also look at the difference between fixed and portable jammers.

By the way, if you want to plug the people around you and be able to use the equipment anywhere you absolutely need to get the portable jammers. For these types of devices, you need to double-check the scope of work. The bigger the better. But you have to be careful here, because portable jammers with a large working area will run out of batteries faster.

In any case, after knowing your needs, as we mentioned at the beginning, you can be sure that you will find the best equipment according to your needs.